Please pray for all the Saints of the most high God
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Pastor Johnnie Sims
Geraldine Smith
Johnny Sims Jr
Frances Sims
All of the saints of The Churches of Jesus Christ

Pray for the increasing knowledge of our Pastor Johnnie B. Sims Sr. 

Pray for our leaders in government

Pray the Lord uses us to our fullest potential

Thank you God for Sis. Andrea Parr completing her CNA certification and finding a Christian based place of employment!!!

Thank you God for seeing Sis. Williams grandchildren at church.  Please continue to keep them

We thank God for His wonderful touch on our Pastor, Johnnie B. Sims.
We continue to ask God for His healing in his life.
Thank you Jesus for the deliverance of those who were bound by the elements of this world; bless us dear God to continue in your way!

Thank you God for keeping us in your tender care!

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Just a few songs of inspiration for you.  Enjoy and worship Him!!!