Millennial Christians? 
Today it is difficult to distinguish between the lost in the world and the lost in the church.  The Church has historically changed as the world has changed.  when Mahailia Jackson started singing her style of music, she was accused singing worldly blues in the church.  Now to us, the baby boomers of the church, Mahalia's style of singing is what is considered old school or traditional.  

How do we determine what is acceptable in the house of God; do we allow those changes to come into the church.  Rap music, praise dancing, changing lyrics to worldly songs and calling it gospel?  Who sets the standard, who draws the line?  

Unfortunately one thing that carries a lot of weight on our decision making in some churches is membership.  What will happen if we don't assimilate and allow our youth to foster change; will they stay? Will we water down the word of God for the sake of gaining members?  Do we open the doors of the church to accommodate the changing society of the church? Who is the judge?

Of course the first thing that some will say is "who are you to judge me"?  Sometimes we allow those words to stop us in our track and allow  unrighteousness to prevail. Somebody has to be the judge, somebody has to draw the line, somebody has to stand in a place of correction; and like Paul become the enemy for telling the truth.  The scripture says he that is spiritual judges all things, right. 
   I Pet. 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?  So what has happened, where did we get off on the "anything goes" ramp?  Who is the lost one in the world today; straight up sinners or those of us who are afraid to hold the line?  The Lord will hold us accountable for whatever deeds are done in this body; good or bad.  I want to be standing on the side of the ones who did not allow the enemy to blind me with the hope of a growing congregation if I just step a little over the line and let new age Christianity overthrow the holiness of God.  Yes, the world is changing; we don't dress the same, sing the same, worship the same.  But there is still a line that needs to be held.  We have to pray for those who are responsible for holding that line.  That God will give them the wisdom they need to judge righteously while upholding the truths of God. 

I'm not so twisted to believe that all of God's people have allowed new age of Christian society to creep into His house.  But traditional Christians are the few these days.  The examples that we give are important.  Somebody is reading our book, our living epistle.  So when we allow our righteousness to be compromised, we give the enemy extra footing to blur the lines and accept the premise that we should not judge.   

Heb. 13:8 Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever.  God help us stand because change can be seen as the only constant in the world today.  Help us discern what is good and acceptable in your sight.  Help us live according to the plans that you have for us.  Help us grow what you have given us, without compromising the word of God.

Prayerfully Submitted
First Lady Sims