The True Church of Jesus Christ 
is built on the foundation of the scriptures; 

Matthew 16:18
Acts 2:38
Mark 16:16 
We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, that he died and arose for our salvation. That Jesus was the last blood sacrifice made for the atonement of sins. 

There is no greater gift of love that can be shown to us but this wonderful sacrifice of life.  The scriptures remind us that God love us so much that he gave his only begotten son.           
                                                                        John 3:16

When we believe on the name of Jesus Christ we are saved.
                                                                       John 3:18
​We believe that baptism does save us.
                                                                       Mark 16:16;  I Pet. 3:20

We believe the plan of salvation is to Hear, Believe and Act according to the Apostles preaching.  

God continues to give to us those things that are necessary for life.  His mercy and grace goes beyond what any of us can imagine or deserve.  

Order of Services
Sunday Morning Worship.....11AM
Thursday Bible Class............7PM

Telephone: (219) 944-1348 or (219) 629-3999
Address: 2409 Grant St 
               Gary, In 46404